Microsoft Power BI

Intelligence, Insights and Answers

Deliver insights throughout your entire organization. Combine critical data from multiple sources and push it to staff and decision makers — inside or outside Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Any data, any way, anywhere. And all in one view. Dyn365Pros consultants will help you unify and visualize your data with Power BI. Pull custom Power BI dashboards into Dynamics 365 to supplement or replace standard Dynamics 365 dashboards. Use Power BI to deliver critical Dynamics 365 data to non-users like department heads and CEOs.

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  • Pull together data from proprietary and public databases into one view.
  • Use Power BI Pro to share and distribute reports to Dynamics 365 users or non-users.
  • Connect directly to your data – on-premises or in the cloud, real-time and streaming data.
  • Ask questions in natural language, and predictive visualizations appear as you type.
  • Create your own custom visuals or start with free pre-configured content packs.
  • Use Quick Insights feature to uncover predictive patterns, associations, and trends hidden in your data.

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