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CX and Customer Service are the basis of customer relationships that last. An effective Customer Service platform isn’t rocket science — just good software and smart consulting. See how to master the basics. @Dyn365Pros webinar | https://t.co/EzkynIeSV7 #CustomerService #CX

Sales and service CRM for managing Medical Device sales. Nurture and maintain relationships with distributors, clinics, doctors and caregivers. It’s called Dyn365 MedicalDevice from @Dyn365Pros https://t.co/IsC4G0sUOz #MedDevice #MedicalDevice #MedTech #Healthit #Healthcare https://t.co/Jx1SioyW1Q

“I cannot say enough good things about Dyn365 Assist.” See how our long term #MSDyn365 wellness program allows businesses to scale and meet customer expectations. https://t.co/BF9j1QHYGz #CRM https://t.co/AJPVDB0Apb

The CRM system you choose is just half the story. Without an ongoing CRM PLAN you’re likely to fail | @Dyn365Pros blog https://t.co/V7gEZ7eW7d #CRM https://t.co/3XNDsqTNv0

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