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Long-term Dynamics 365 support, admin and training services

Work with a Microsoft Certified Professional from Dyn365Pros, dedicated to making sure your team and system are up to the task of successfully selling to and servicing your clients.

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You invested a significant amount of time and money deploying Dynamics 365. The system is configured to support your business processes, users have been trained, and you’ve launched successfully. Now you’re thinking, let’s put this baby on cruise control, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

Without the ongoing support of a skilled Dynamics 365 professional though, you’re likely to see the return on your investment decrease over time. Users will have trouble retaining what they learned in training; new users will be left on their own to figure out the system. Management may not be equipped to reinforce adoption and system best practices. Plus, the world does not stand still. As your business evolves, you need to ensure that Dynamics 365 evolves with it to meet the challenges and changes in your marketplace.


How can Dyn365 Assist help you?

You could hire someone to act as the administrator, train and encourage users, and be responsible for configuring and customizing the system. However, these skills are in high demand and the cost of your full-time employee could easily exceed six figures. Often people with the technical skills lack the people skills and business acumen to bridge the gap between people and technology.

That’s why we introduced Dyn365 Assist. You’ll have a Microsoft Certified Professional from Dyn365Pros dedicated to making sure your team and system are up to the task of successfully selling to and servicing your clients. We’ll answer support questions, perform all your administrative services, provide ongoing training, analyze your system for data integrity, keep you up to date with Dynamics 365 roadmap planning, and help encourage user adoption.

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