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Dynamics 365 and the CRM Customer

There is no better time to be a Dynamics customer than right now.

You may have heard by now that Microsoft took the wraps off their new Dynamics 365 initiative. No more Dynamics CRM, it is now Dynamics 365. With all the hype (deserved, I think) and additional functionality of Dynamics 365, combined with what would be the regular Dynamics CRM Online fall release cadence, I want to make sure our customers get the info they need.

First, if you are a current customer of ours reading this, take a deep breath. Please know we will be contacting you directly to schedule a road map discussion and provide you with your best options. Nothing has to be done right away and there are several options for you to choose from with different timelines. Deep breath, there is a ton of great new functionality coming your way. (more…)

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Here Comes Dynamics 365

What an exciting time to be in our industry!

I have been involved in the technology arena since 1985 when I was tasked with putting a restaurant inventory management system and PC together (2 – 5 1/4 inch floppy drives on that baby!) and have been swimming for the last 15 years in the Microsoft channel partner stream. I was part of the Beta version 1 team when Microsoft was releasing their CRM product and been a part of the full Dynamics CRM journey that brought us to today. (more…)

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Work Like a Sales Detective with Dynamics CRM, part 1

Work Like a Sales Detective with Dynamics CRM, part 1

In the sales game, sometimes you have to do little detective work to find the right contact at a prospect’s place of business, divine who interested parties are, find a phone number, etc. Anyone that’s held a sales job can relate to this. (more…)

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Frustrated with Goldmine CRM? Switch to Dynamics CRM

Are you trying to run your business on Goldmine? Frustrated with how clunky and overly complicated the system is? Then it’s time to invest in a CRM system that provides you with more than a contact database.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides intelligent customer engagement, meaning you can personalize the customer experience and the sales process based on relevant data like web page visits, presence on social media, and industry trends. You even get access to market intelligence with contact information for 30 million business decision makers around the globe. (more…)

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Sales Leads vs. Opportunities

A Microsoft Dynamics CRM user from Iran hit me up on the xRM³ contact us page recently. Here is what they wrote.

“I am a sales manager in an IT based company. We use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and I have a question. Exactly when do we qualify a lead to an opportunity? I mean when they need a proposal, ask more questions about our product, when they desire to keep in contact, when someone asks for catalogue, when we feel they may become a customer? I want a standard way.”

This is sort of like asking, “What is the meaning of life?” Depends on who you ask – right? With Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s inherent flexibility, there is no reason to get hung up on a “standard” way to segment the arc of the sales process, nor should there be. One of my favorite Microsoft Dynamics CRM characteristics is the way it can be configured to adapt to your unique business processes, procedures, philosophies, etc. (more…)

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basics for Sales Pros: 4 Tips for Sales Managers

In our series — Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Basics for Sales Professionals — we’ve covered CRM from the perspective of Sales Representatives responsible for closings sales. In this blog we’ll look at CRM basics for Sales Managers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides several ways to manage and help your Sales team get the results your organization needs. To keep things simple, let’s look at 4 CRM management basics that will help you direct your team more effectively:


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That One Microsoft Dynamics CRM Story

There is this one story that gets told almost every time I get together with some of the Dynamics CRM MVP folks in the community. Usually over adult beverages at some conference. The problem for me is that it’s a story of one of my failures.

The story outline is this – 10+ years ago, the company I worked for signed a CRM deal in the early days of Dynamics CRM. We were fledgling CRM implementers at the time and signed up for more than we bargained. Long story short, we failed and someone else came in (one of the current CRM MVPs, who will remain nameless) and saved the day for that client. It was their first CRM project and made a nice addition to their already successful business and, ultimately, turned out to be an huge boon for the community as a whole. I failed, they didn’t, the CRM community got a couple GREAT MVPs. (more…)

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Basics for Sales Pros: Working with Activity Records, part 2

This is part 3 in a a series of blogs designed to help Sales Professionals with fundamental concepts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. In my last blog we introduced CRM Activity records, what they are and how to use them to help organize and manage your sales-related activities. This blog extends that discussion to include how you’ll use Activity records to communicate with and collaborate with your fellow CRM users.


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NDA Has Been Lifted

Well the wraps are finally off and Microsoft has lifted the NDA on the Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2015 release. While that is a bit of a mouthful, this Spring release is full of enhancements and functionality that users and partners have been clamoring for. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, started the parade this morning at the Microsoft Convergences event in Atlanta. (more…)

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