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Access forms and input data offline with DynSOLAR365's Mobile Site-Visit App

Onsite and Offline with DynSOLAR365: Revolutionizing Solar Site Inspections

In the rapidly evolving solar industry, efficient project management is critical to staying ahead. DynSOLAR365, our comprehensive solar project management solution, transforms solar business operations. Its integrated mobile app allows site inspection and data capture online or offline.

Efficient Site Inspections

Solar projects involve numerous site inspections, from initial needs analysis to post-install compliance. Traditionally, inspections required paperwork, manual data entry, and administrative overhead. These inefficiencies lead to delays and increased costs, hampering project timelines and profitability.

Enter DynSOLAR365

DynSOLAR365 offers a solution tailored to the unique needs of the solar industry. Its key features include an integrated Site Inspection Mobile App.

The DynSOLAR365 Site Inspection Mobile App is designed specifically for site inspections. Technicians can capture images, complete survey forms, and synchronize everything to the cloud. We’re excited to announce that we are introducing offline functionality, meaning you can access and collect site visit data outside the range of your carrier signal. When you reconnect, survey updates will synch with project records in the cloud.

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Access forms and input data offline with DynSOLAR365's Mobile Site-Visit App

More about DynSOLAR365

Standardized Processes

The DynSOLAR365 browser-based project management solution facilitates a standardized process, ensuring consistency and compliance with industry best practices. Errors are reduced, and project quality is improved. Businesses can achieve substantial cost savings with improved efficiency and reduced manual work. Managing projects more effectively leads to better resource utilization and reduced operational costs.

Integration and Compatibility

DynSOLAR365 can integrate with other solar industry applications, such as proposal and design solutions. This ensures a smooth flow of information across different project stages, from initial design to final installation.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

With built-in reporting and analytics tools, DynSOLAR365 provides customized reports tailored to the needs of solar firms. This feature helps you make informed decisions and optimize project performance.

Additional Features

The platform includes add-ons for field service, sales CRM, and embedded AI capabilities. These features help manage the entire customer and project lifecycle efficiently.

Adopting DynSOLAR365 can be a game-changer for solar businesses. Whether you are a residential installer or commercial developer, the platform offers tools that can help you streamline operations, improve project outcomes, and enhance customer satisfaction.

For more information or a demonstration, contact Dyn365Pros.