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Dynamics 365 Email Validation (Preview)

Email is the most common way of communicating with business prospects and customers. Less and less communication is happening in person or over the phone. That makes entering valid email addresses into your CRM even more critical. Clients have often asked me about email validation within Dynamics 365 for Sales. There are 3rd party services and marketing automation that do some email validation. But before now, you couldn’t do it inside Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 for Sales email validation is in preview as of the day I published this blog. The email validation preview extends beyond Dynamics 1st-party apps to the Power Platform maker apps. The email address validation in preview detects incorrect syntax, bounced emails, expired email addresses, valid domains, etc., in the primary email address field on the Lead or Contact form.

Setting up email validation

If you are a Dynamics 365 Sales user and want to use email validation in preview, it requires changes to admin-level settings. Click here for a link to the Microsoft docs that describe how to enable email validation.

What email validation looks like

Here’s an example of what the user sees in real time when entering data into a Dynamics 365 Lead record. Validation starts working when I begin typing the email address. The system searches for the email domain in the address and instantly alerts the user the email address is bad.

Dynamics 365 email validation

Here’s what you see on a Contact record after you save it with a bad email.

Dynamics 365 email validation

Here’s what happens when you try to create an email to the invalid address. You get a warning from the system. At this point, you can still send the email or tell the system that the address is indeed correct.

Dynamics 365 email validation

Stuff to think about

The bad email address does not prevent saving the record. On one hand, that feels odd. On the other hand, if I have a phone number, or perhaps this isn’t a critical contact, I don’t care as much. I want to filter the database and report on records containing bad email addresses. I haven’t figured out how to do that. Stay tuned…