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Selling with the Help of AI

The art of modern selling revolves around the vital connection between buyer and seller. Winning trust requires knowing when to talk and knowing when to listen, driving the conversation in the right direction, and following up effectively. However, sellers are engaged in a lot of busy work that gets in the way of all that. Sellers tell us they’d like to spend less time taking notes, emailing routine follow-ups, manually inputting data into CRM, and crafting the proper proposal.

The AI embedded in Microsoft Sales Copilot helps alleviate these burdens, enabling salespeople to clear low-priority and repetitive tasks from their to-do lists efficiently. Equally significant, AI working behind the scenes in Dynamics 365 for Sales helps sellers recognize and prioritize the sales leads and opportunities that can move the needle.

Get help prioritizing leads and opportunities

Imagine sitting down at your laptop at the start of your day. Your company has just launched a marketing campaign, and you’re inundated with incoming emails and inquiries—high quality, low quality, and everything in between. Follow-up activities can entail weeks or months of work: identifying prospects, reaching out to them, scheduling meetings and sending literature.

Lead and Opportunity scoring helps with prioritization, considering factors such as past purchasing history or a client’s recent attendance at an industry event. Sifting through your email thread, Microsoft Sales Copilot extracts relevant information to expedite your understanding of critical communication and deal points. Combining your intuitive knowledge with the system’s AI features, you can determine which leads and opportunities deserve more time and attention.

Engage your buyer--let Dynamics 365 do the rest

You’ve identified your top lead and are engaged during a particularly promising call with the customer. However, there’s a lot to manage–which product features to emphasize, guide the conversation effectively, and take notes for follow-up, all while ensuring a smooth and productive interaction.

Dynamics 365 conversation intelligence collects data from call recordings and Dynamics 365 Sales records. During a meeting, you can receive real-time notes about what to address next based on factors like the customer’s mood and pertinent KPIs. Within Microsoft Sales Copilot, your AI-powered copilot captures action items and surfaces relevant business insights to enhance the conversation.

Following the call, you receive a meeting summary encompassing the conversation’s progress, action items, and customer sentiments throughout the call. Meeting and email summaries are automatically stored in the CRM system, keeping it up-to-date–meaning you don’t get distracted by note-taking during conversations. The automatically generated summary saves you time, facilitating a swift transition to the next stage–composing a thank-you email.

Enhanced follow-up

While templates used to be the standard, AI now offers assistance that goes far beyond that, extracting information from your call summary and automatically generating an email tailored to the specific buyer. Review and make minor adjustments before hitting send. What previously took over an hour can now be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Key takeaway

We aim to help you minimize time spent on low-value tasks and maximize time spent assisting customers. Dyn365Pros can help your team embrace all that Microsoft AI offers, enhancing how you sell and assist customers. Contact us and learn how to get started.

By Mark Abes, Vice President, Dyn365Pros, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform partner, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles