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Dynamics 365 Sales: More Options for Opportunity Pipeline Views

Microsoft updated Dynamics 365 Sales opportunity views. Users have new ways to view and work with opportunities. Opportunity views needed a refresh, and I’m happy to say these new views provide users more flexibility in both consuming and entering data. A new opportunity list view is an excellent alternative to the old grid style.

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New ways to work with opportunities

New visual cues assist you in identifying the state of your overall pipeline, the relative value of each deal, deal sales stages, and more. One thing that jumps out is the opportunity bubble chart. High-level metrics are a nice addition, helping you assess the status of deals in the pipeline and the won/loss rate on closed sales. Here’s a look at the new bubble chart style.

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The x-axis shows close dates. The y-axis shows the opportunity score or deal probability. The bubble size represents revenue dollars. The larger the bubble, the larger the deal. The bubble color indicates the stage of each opportunity.

Opportunity pipeline view components

1. Pipeline value: View and track the critical opportunity metrics or your essential KPIs. You can change the metrics displayed in the row. 

2. Charts: These visual representations provide a straightforward pipeline overview.

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3. Editable Grid: This section displays a list of opportunities in a familiar-looking grid, but it’s not read-only. Click on a data field and revise the data.

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4. Side Panel: Quickly view or edit fields in the Opportunity record. Make updates and then return to the opportunity seamlessly.

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5. Sales Funnel: A horizontal sales funnel looks a little weird to me, but that’s because I’m not used to it.

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Get help with new opportunity views

Enabling and customizing these new views takes a little work. Contact your administrator or Dyn365Pros for help.

By Mark Abes, Vice President, Dyn365Pros, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform specialist, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles.