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ClickDimensions Sales Engagement

ClickDimensions is a well-known player in the Dynamics 365 community–an ISV and eponymous marketing automation solution integrating natively with Dynamics 365 for Sales. ClickDimensions includes landing pages, email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, web forms and much more. You can’t use ClickDimensions as a stand-alone–Dynamics 365 for Sales is a requirement. We’re big ClickDimensions fans, having used and sold it for over ten years. ClickDimensions recently released a new solution called Sales Engagement. Sales Engagement aims to solve issues associated with the handoff of leads from marketing to sales.

Sales is from Mars, and Marketing is from Venus

For anyone unfamiliar with this enduring conflict, there’s often tension between the sales and marketing departments. To paraphrase the author, “Sales is from Mars, and marketing is from Venus.” Salespeople complain about the quality of leads, and the marketing team laments that so few leads get converted into customers.

Bring the planets into alignment

Sales Engagement provides tools to engineer better marketing-to-sales handoffs and more predictable follow-ups. Recommended sales activities are preset and help ensure the lead receives proper attention. The salesperson follows the prescribed activities based on sales best practices. The prescribed set of actions or “Sequences” consists of routine activities such as phone calls, emails, LinkedIn actions, etc. The sequence of sales steps appears as a chronological list, so they are easy to recognize and follow. There’s some intelligence built into the solution, e.g., sequences can stop automatically when a customer replies to an email, allowing the salesperson to engage one-on-one.

What you need to get started

ClickDimensions Sales Engagement requires Dynamics 365 for Sales online, Office/Microsoft 365 and a Microsoft Power Apps license. If you use Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, the Power App license is already included. If you are using Dynamics 365 Sales Professional, you’ll need to purchase the Power App separately.The Sales Engagement license fee includes the required set-up, which is a plus. 

Anyone looking for more information about ClickDimensions Sales Engagement, a demo, or pricing should click the button below to schedule a convenient call.

By Mark Abes, Vice President, Dyn365Pros, Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles.