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Link Teams Chats to Dynamics 365 Customer Records

Collaboration tools are huge nowadays. Most customers I speak with use Microsoft Teams and are looking for smart ways to incorporate it into their work process. They are happy to find out that Teams chat integration is being extended to Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CRM). There is already a way to bring Dynamics 365 records into Teams, and you can read about it here. Now you can link Teams chats directly to Dynamics 365 customer records.

Link Teams Chats to Dynamics 365 Records

A new Microsoft Teams embedded experience (in preview as of April 2022) makes it easy to chat with and message colleagues from within individual Dynamics 365 sales records. Think of a Teams chat regarding a sales Opportunity pinned to the specific Opportunity record.

Why it’s important

The seamless experience between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams lets sellers work with customers and collaborate with colleagues simultaneously. This minimizes the need for sellers to switch between applications, allowing them to stay focused and more productive.

Here’s what it looks like

Adam Green, a software customer, is on a call with his rep. Adam mentions he’s found a defect in the software. Adam’s a good customer, so the rep wants to address Adam’s issue. The rep initiates a Teams chat with Allie, the head of QA, and links the chat with Adam’s contact record.

Dynamics 365 Teams Chat

The rep lets Allie know about Adam’s issue and asks her to look into it. The chat is linked to Adam’s contact and account record, so it’s easy if Allie wants to know more about Adam and his firm.

Dynamics 365 Teams Chat

The rep tells Adam that they’ve notified QA already, making Adam feel like a valued customer.

Expand this idea across all your departments

This scenario could have easily played out from the customer service desk. Or Adam’s rep could have been reaching out to finance for a credit check, with the warehouse to check inventory, or production to check on a custom-build. Bottom line, it’s a new way to get even more value out of Dynamics 365 and Teams.

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By Mark Abes, Vice President, Dyn365Pros, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles