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InsideView Insights Browser Extension

I recently published a blog about InsideView, which you can find here. There’s something else new about InsideView that we use and recommend a lot. It’s the InsideView Insights browser extension. It allows you to gather business intelligence and contact data directly from websites you’d like to research or approach.

How to get started

Finding the extension is pretty straightforward. There’s an extension for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Here’s what it looks like in the Chrome Web Store.

InsideView Insights browser extension

How to access it in your browser

After installing the extension, you’ll see a red InsideView icon (magnifying glass) at the top of the browser.

InsideView Insights browser extension

Let’s look at a typical sales scenario using Tesla as an example. You’re interested in news and potential Leads at Tesla. You’re poking around on Tesla’s site. Click on the red icon, and a panel opens up on the right containing a treasure trove of Tesla data.

InsideView Insights browser extension

How to use it

There are three tabs at the top of the extension: Company, People and Insights.

Company info is the default. You can scroll through to find news, financial data, your LinkedIn connections, industry info, and competitors. These are valuable data points if you plan on approaching Tesla and sounding like you’ve done your homework.

The People tab contains contact info for Tesla employees. Browsing the list, icons below the contact name indicate if there are email, LinkedIn profile links, and phone numbers for these people. The list can be searched and filtered. Let’s say I’m interested in Marketing Directors based in the USA for which there is an email address. I can see there’s one individual that fits these criteria. Hit the apply button to get their contact info.

InsideView Insights browser extension

Here’s the result.

InsideView Insights browser extension

Now I can export this contact data to a file or directly into Dynamics 365 for Sales. It can populate the system as a Lead or Contact–whichever makes more sense.

InsideView Insights browser extension

The Insights tab contains recent news, company blogs, social media posts.

InsideView Insights browser extension

Curious about (or mystified by) Tesla’s foray into diners? You can read the story or share it with a colleague.

You can also access other InsideView features using the extension, such as list building and watchlist. I recommend this new browser extension for sellers and marketers looking for real-time business intelligence and contact data.

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