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Dynamics 365 with InsideView–Three Features You’ll Love

If you’re a Dynamics 365 Sales user or you use Dynamics 365 in conjunction with your marketing, there’s something you need to see. It’s called InsideView Insights. If you’ve been using Dynamics 365 for a few years, you may recall back in the day InsideView was included in your system. Nowadays, you need a separate license to use it. You can buy an individual license or a multi-user license. It does a lot, but for the sake of time, we’ll focus on 3 things I love:

  1. Enhancing or enriching CRM records
  2. Finding additional stakeholders and decision-makers
  3. Importing lead, contact and company data directly into Dynamics 365

Enriching CRM Records

Let’s say I’m in Dynamics 365 for Sales, looking at a new lead record created from a web form on my website. All I have at this point is a name and a company. That’s not a lot to go on. So let’s enhance or enrich the lead data. The InsideView interface is embedded in my lead record which makes things convenient. Based on the little bit of data I have, InsideView has found David Lau at Tesla. With a click, I update David’s lead record with phone, email, and branch location. 

Dynamics 365 InsideView

In addition to capturing more data about David, I can learn more about Tesla: ticker symbol, news, revenue, address, phone, and website. I can find other Tesla leads within InsideView’s database, even identify people I have connections with.

Dynamics 365 InsideView

Additional stakeholders

Bigger deals require selling to a team, not just an individual. That means building consensus among multiple players within the customer org. Let’s expand InsideView and look for colleagues of David’s that might be involved in this decision at Tesla. I’ve got a long list of potential stakeholders here. But we know for our opportunity, I want to focus on IT and Marketing roles, Director or Vice-President level, for which there is a valid email. I’ll filter based on that criteria. OK here’s my list.

Dynamics 365 InsideView

Import or export

Now I decide what to do with this list. In this case, I’ll import directly to Dynamics 365 in the form of lead records. I click Export as Lead. Each lead will contain contact information as well as company information. I could have also exported these leads to CSV in case there is another system, say a marketing automation system, that lives outside of Dynamics where my lead nurture happens. 

Dynamics 365 Insideview

Here’s what they look like in the system. Awesome, am I right!?

Dynamics 365 InsideView

To learn more about Dynamics 365 or InsideView, click here to email me. Until the next blog, take care!

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