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Qualifying Leads in Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Options for Related Records


Microsoft Dynamics 365 2019 Wave 2 brought back a feature that went away with the upgrade from CRM 2011. When you qualify a lead, once again you have options for related records. You can select if a Contact, Account, Opportunity or combination of all 3 is created! The ribbon still has our standard “Qualify” option. And by default, this will mark the lead as qualified and change it to read-only. Then if they do not already exist — create a Contact, Account, and Opportunity. But there are plenty of business cases where this just doesn’t make sense and complicates managing your D365 data.


In 2011 we had this option when we clicked “Qualify”



In order to change that, Wave 2 in October brought us the option
to use that same concept. To enable the feature, use the Legacy Settings area, and
in the Administration/ System Settings options find the “Sales” tab:



The option to switch is “Qualify Lead Experience”. Set to No
to enable the options where users can pick what records to create.



A quick refresh and now the Qualify button will give users
the options below



Users can now have better control of their process individually, and irrelevant records can be bypassed while still giving us great shortcuts!


By Erin Karatkiewicz, Dynamics 365 Application Consultant, Dyn365Pros, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, San Diego, Southern California


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