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ResiBuilt Case Study: A Story of Digital Transformation

Dyn365Pros Helps ResiBuilt Revolutionize Home Buying and Renting

ResiBuilt is a great example of digital transformation, changing the way residential properties are shown, rented and sold. ResiBuilt’s process improves the customer experience — empowering renters and buyers with more control of the process, and significantly lowering customer cost. In fact, the entire process can be completed online.

ResiBuilt improves customer experience with virtual tours and smart lockboxes, allowing customers to tour properties without a rep or agent. In addition to the convenience factor, customers that opt out of the traditional real estate agent model can take advantage of a significant discount.

ResiBuilt chose Dynamics 365 and Dyn365Pros to provide an effective, scalable solution for managing their customers and business process.

This start-up needed a CRM system to support rapid growth

As a start-up with a strategy for rapid growth, ResiBuilt needed to get its customer and process management right from the very start. The company moves fast, maneuvering very quickly when opportunities arise. After just fifteen months, ResiBuilt was profitable and had an inventory of 1,500 properties.

The company needed a system to track all aspects of its business:

  • Potential buyers and renters
  • Home selling process and progress
  • Renters in residence
  • Home viewing and tours
  • Property details and warranties
  • Land acquisition
  • Home construction status

A custom, scalable solution to manage sales and business process in one place

Because its business model relies heavily on technology and automation, ResiBuilt operates with a lean staff. To remain agile, ResiBuilt didn’t want to overspend or paint itself into a corner with a solution that wasn’t flexible enough to grow and evolve.

“We needed experts with the advice, skills, and support to make changes quickly and guide us in the right direction. We’re business people, not IT guys.”

Anthony Stansberry, ResiBuilt Director of Sales

Dyn365Pros provided the fully scalable custom solution ResiBuilt needed and the ongoing support required to remain successful.

In addition to deploying the standard functionality, Dyn365Pros integrated Dynamics 365 with other ResiBuilt solutions:

  • Smart lockboxes that allow customers to view or tour a property without an agent. Property information is fed to the lockbox. When the lockbox is opened, a notification occurs and an opportunity record is created in Dynamics 365 so the company can make a connection and trigger the appropriate workflows and process.
  • A home builder solution tracks the construction process. Data in Dynamics 365 updates automatically with changes to property status. This provides visibility to the sales team and allows them to offer the property as soon as it’s available, keeping inventory moving.
  • Marketing automation works in concert with Dynamics 365, converting data from webforms into leads and helping to manage email nurture campaigns.

Outcomes: visibility, reporting, automation, scalability and support

One of the most significant outcomes of the project is the complete visibility into ResiBuilt’s processes. The solution stores Resibuilt’s critical sales and property-related data in one place where it’s simple to access and work with. Reports are easily generated that help ResiBuilt sales and finance understand what’s going on in real-time as well as what’s coming next.

“We understand where we are in the pipeline for land acquisitions – how much money we will have to spend in a week or a month.”

Daniel Cordona, ResiBuilt Investment Analyst

Scalability is foundational to ResiBuilt’s success. Dyn365Pros got all the pieces up and running in a very short time, keeping pace with a fast-moving company experiencing exponential growth. ResiBuilt chose Dyn365Pros’ Dyn365 Assist program to provide ongoing support and admin services, alleviating the need for support from internal IT resources.

“Everyone at Dyn365Pros has been very supportive, and with Dyn365 Assist, we get a quick turnaround on all our requests.”

Anthony Stansberry, ResiBuilt Director of Sales