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Microsoft Business Applications Summit — Dispatches from the Front

Real-time blogging by the Dyn365Pros team:

Power BI

  • The first (packed!) session I went to was about Power BI Roadmap, but they had just hit “go!” on new features. There was a lot of applause – the Power BI community knows how great these updates are. We’ll have full details and more in-depth info for you soon, but some of my personal favorites right off the bat:
    • A refreshed interface – it’s bright, airy, modern, and feels more nimble with header and ribbon updates.
    • New formatting options, one great appeal with Power BI is the aesthetic and it seems to encourage user adoption because it’s so sleek and easily understandable. We have some improved coloration and outline options to really engage users in reports.
    • Better Data Set controls – helps with understanding the “holy grail” of data for your organization to avoid discrepancies and confusion, also allows for enhancements in data security.
    • Paginated report enhancements- it’s time to get building them.
  • There’s so much more that we can’t even start to dig into mid-MSBizAppsSummit. On to the next session…

Sales Roadmap

  • The things we’ve seen at MSBizAppsSummit for Sales have been great- Relationship Assistant concepts have been awesome already, but now we’re seeing improvements in the roadmap that measure sentiment forecasts, we’re looking at a Pipeline not just in $$ on charts, but in Opportunity Sentiment.  Evaluating response times from you to your Opportunity Contacts, and the thing I heard over and over “Helping Salespeople find and take the next best step”. Sales is going beyond seeing and recording data.  With the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’ll also be informed in D365 when a contact changes companies- helpful when you’re mid-sale, or know there’s upcoming new Opportunity for an existing Contact- prompting you to reach out to establish a relationship before it comes down to the sale.   I know it’s a bit all over the place here, we have a lot of notes to organize to provide you more detail.
  • Did I mention you can take a picture of handwritten notes and D365 will turn it into a note and pull out logical data?  Making life easier every day…

 Customer Service

  • The Customer Service Roadmap was full of ways you’re going to be able to more efficiently resolve your customers’ cases.  In the roadmap and preview, we’re seeing Bots, Virtual Agents, SMS correspondence to trigger cases, leveraging your Knowledgebase with automation, and improvements to many pieces you may already be using, like SLAs and the Timeline activity.

By Erin Karatkiewicz, Dynamics 365 Application Consultant, Dyn365Pros, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, San Diego, Southern California.

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