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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Error – version 2016 Update

I recently discovered an odd Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online error.

“Users cannot add privileges to or change access levels for roles to which they are assigned”.

 I was working in version 2016 Update 

Copying one of the Microsoft out of the box security roles triggered the error.  Although my User Account was not assigned the Security Role I was trying to copy, strangely the error implied that it was.  I received the same error after copying a completely different out of the box security role.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Error

After trying to troubleshoot on my own for longer than I’d like to admit, I reached out to our Technical Consulting team and they had the answer (as usual).  The error really had nothing to do with what the general error dialog box referred to.  It had to do with the access levels on the “Data Performance Dashboard” entity no longer being supported.

Apparently, this entity was allowed to be assigned any of the levels of access in older versions of Dynamics CRM – None Selected, User, Business Unit, Parent Child Business Unit, or Organization.  But during one of the CRM Updates, the access level options changed to only allow Organizational or None.  So because this entity was set to “User” level access for the security roles I was trying to copy, the error generated.

I hope this helps any Microsoft Dynamics CRM admins that run into the same issue. After all, no one likes a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Error. Am I right?

By Jessica Smith, Dynamics 365 Consultant, Dyn365Pros, Microsoft Partner Southern California San Diego