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Introducing Dyn365Pros!

We have some exciting news here at xRM³. We are rebranding with a new name and new logo. Introducing Dyn365Pros! The xRM³ team is now Dyn365Pros. Why the new name? As you probably heard, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365. As certified Dynamics 365 Professionals, Dyn365Pros better reflects who we are, what we do, and our ongoing commitment to the Dynamics 365 platform and the Microsoft cloud. Microsoft has made a decision to build business around that brand and we decided they needed our help.

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One thing hasn’t changed — our singular focus and dedication to our clients and industry partners. We go to work every day eager to provide you the best in business and technology consulting services around Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service, and ERP.

Please take a minute to explore our new website – It’s your resource for Dynamics 365 information, services, support, and licensing. If you notice something missing, please let us know.

Stay tuned to our new website and social media feeds in the coming weeks and months as we introduce a series of new product webinars, training events, and our new self-service Customer Service Portal. We have great things planned for our new brand and we think you will enjoy the new offerings.

Let me close by thanking all of you – our customers and partners for your business and support. You make all we do worthwhile.

By Ken Farmer, President Dyn365Pros, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, Southern California, San Diego.