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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Relationship Insights


Microsoft rolled out a new feature set in Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM dubbed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Relationship Insights. Relationship Insights mines all the sales related data stored in CRM and Microsoft Exchange, using it to help you prioritize your daily activities, respond to customers, and track the effectiveness of your email messages on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

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Relations Insights is built atop 3 very slick features:

Relationship Assistant

The assistant keeps track of your activities, opportunities and messages, then generates action cards that are displayed front and center in your CRM dashboard and relevant CRM records. The assistant can alert you about an upcoming meeting, remind you to follow up on an opportunity, or notify you of a customer question or request.

Email Engagement

A widespread problem for sellers is not knowing whether a prospect or customer has read the email, quote or proposal that was sent out. In addition to knowing if customers are even paying attention, sellers want to know the right time to follow up, answer questions and close the deal. Now you’ll be able see when your email was opened, how many times, and if the recipient opened an attachment.

Auto Capture

Auto capture analyzes your Microsoft Exchange emails looking for messages that are relevant to the work you manage in Dynamics 365 or CRM. Auto capture automatically adds emails to the Activity feed appearing in your Contact, Lead, Opportunity or Account records. An email from a customer with a request or complex question gets pushed to CRM where you can see it and take action.

Relationship Insights keeps you on top of things through use of action cards. There are different types of actions cards, each with a different purpose.

  • Email engagement cards alert you that an email recipient opened or clicked on a link.
  • Base cards keep you up on basics like meetings and missed closed dates.
  • Email cards tell you a customer asked about product inventory or you have a new lead.
  • Relationship analytic cards warn you an opportunity may be getting stale.
  • Productivity cards provide flight information and news about customers your meeting.

Relationship Insights will prove a great new way make sure you always “feel the love” from your customers.

By Mark Abes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at xRM³, Microsoft Cloud CRM Partner, San Diego, Southern California. Contact us for expert advice and Dynamics 365 services.