The 5 Most Exciting New Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

We surveyed the xRM³ team and pulled together the 5 most exciting new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. As a group, we are thrilled about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and are looking forward to showing you all the new stuff! Visit our website and request to be added to our webinar invitation list. We’ll help keep you up to date with all the new functionality.

Improved Analytic Tools

Dynamics CRM features Excel export functionality, Dashboards, and Views so users can make the best use of the valuable data entered into CRM. With each new release, we’re seeing more ways to analyze and take action on your data. Keeping up with new releases is the best way to take advantage of all the enhancements. Two of these key pieces of functionality are Immersive Excel Online and Power BI.

Power BI as a stand-alone tool is perfect for creating “mash ups” from multiple data sources. The features and functions are quite robust. Additionally, pre-built content packs for Power BI allow you to easily access and analyze data from not only CRM, but many other business solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Excel integration within CRM now includes Excel templates, as well as Immersive Excel (Excel functionality within the browsing session). You can analyze, edit, and update CRM data within a familiar Excel experience. Export and work with the data just as you would with the desktop version of CRM, or work within your browser.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Go Mobile with CRM

In the past, it was difficult or impossible for sales staff to use any CRM system while out of the office. This left the sales staff without a way to access critical customer data, and no way to update their records. Now you can download free Dynamics CRM 2016 mobile apps for Apple, Windows and Android devices. Forms in the Dynamics CRM app are optimized for touchscreen phones and tablets, and display real-time CRM data. Many of the Dynamics CRM mobile clients can be used whether you are online or offline. Dynamics CRM data will sync in both directions as soon as the user reconnects to WiFi.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Deeper Integration with Office Apps

The ability to integrate CRM data easily with Office apps like Word and Excel is a productivity enhancer that benefits every user. With the immersive Excel experience, users don’t have to launch Excel outside of CRM but can analyze and update data from within CRM. Data updates can be loaded directly back into CRM. The new template capabilities in CRM 2016 allow users to create their own Word and Excel templates easily, using simplified tools and providing access to CRM fields across multiple entities. This reduces the need for custom reporting and the involvement of IT departments. The new CRM App for Outlook allows users to track emails and add Contacts from within an email and also to create new records to track emails against using a mobile browser client. Mobile users are also now able to export and analyze data in Excel from their mobile device with added support for the CRM for Tablets and Phone Apps. It has never been easier to work with CRM data in Office applications.

Improved Performance and Browser Support

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft has taken advantage of the Azure server platform. With Microsoft’s internal servers, there are huge teams dedicated to improving performance. This includes redesigning indexes to improving the underlying code that renders Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms. This new version upgrade can improve form render time by up to 25%.

The improved performance is not only the rendering of forms, views and reports, but also with different browsers. Each upgrade continues to support other browsers and does not limit the user to Internet Explorer. The expanded cross-browser support lets your team use their favorite browser to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Keep in mind though, Internet Explorer 8 is no longer a supported browser for Microsoft Dynamics Online 2016.

Streamlined User interface and Admin Tools

Microsoft didn’t forget about you Admins. Some of the key enhancements for Admins in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 are:

  • Mobile client form previews in the form editor which load live data. This allows Admins to easily create successful and usable mobile based forms.
  • Sleeker Business Process Flow and Business Rules Interfaces deliver value to users faster.
  • Customer Driven Update (CDU) allows Admins to better manage their update experience and schedules.
  • Guided help allows Admins to instantly provide assistance with user adoption. They can customize each user’s experience in 2016 based on user role (CRM Online only).
  • Offline enhancements allow Admins better control of User experience while not connected. Admins can better control data sync based on specific profiles created. They can enable specific entities for offline syncing that will streamline the user’s experience.

These top 5 updates are just a few of the enhancements provided to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform in 2016. We are excited to show you these and all the rest. Join us for one of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 webinars.

By the team at xRM³, a Microsoft Partner focusing exclusively on service, support and education for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Based in San Diego County Southern California. For help with your CRM, contact us clicking here.