8 Key Takeaways from Microsoft WPC15

We are back from Microsoft WPC15. We survived our excursion into the swamp lands of Orlando for Microsoft WPC15! Heat, humidity, alligators, tourists, miles between sessions and meetings, 15,000 attendees, old hotel – whew! Happy to be back.

Microsoft WPC15 was a fantastic Sales and Marketing event this year and I came away with one strong impression: Microsoft has never been as consistent in message across every session, slide, and conversation. They appear to be laser focused on several key initiatives and are going to be backing them up with people, assistance and marketing dollars. They even changed the Microsoft sales team comp plan to realize the exact results they are looking for. Satya has this huge beast of a company humming along like a well-oiled machine. Luckily, we are already smack in the middle of their plans and will be able to ride the wave with them.

Besides the enormous push to Windows 10, which was everywhere and in every session, they are focused on several things. Here are my 8 key takeaways from Microsoft WPC15:

  1. Dynamics CRM Online – sell, sell, sell.
  2. With the recent MS reorganization, they emphasized that Dynamics is NOT going away. It is the CORE of everything.
  3. Everything to the cloud, in the cloud and for the cloud because that’s where the greatest value is for the customer.
  4. Mobile isn’t just phones – it is about your data and process on any device, any time.
  5. Bundling several cloud services together and using them as jumping off points for other services (Office 365, Power BI, Azure).
  6. Programs to allow partners to bundle their own services, IP and other licenses together for one monthly fee to customers (CSP program).
  7. Analytics with Power BI as well as a new Cortana Analytics Suite (very cool, still in test).
  8. Better tools for partners to run, manage and grow their business.

xRM³ staff participated in several invite-only sessions with key Microsoft folks regarding how to grow our business – and how they can help. This Microsoft fiscal year (FY16 for them started July 1) more than ever before, we are on their radar and they are expecting big things from xRM³.

One item reinforced over and over is that we must continue to focus on delivering great experiences to our customers. Without happy customers that are USING their systems, loving Microsoft Dynamics CRM and loving us — nothing else we do matters.

If you couldn’t tell – and I want to be sure this is crystal clear – I am very excited about what we heard at Microsoft WPC15, the new Microsoft commitments and the “New Microsoft” that the industry and analysts are talking about. As was emphasized over and over again – WE, the partners and the MS team, are the new Microsoft.

This is a fantastic time to do what we do!

By Ken Farmer, President and Principal Consultant at xRM³, Inc. xRM³ is a Southern California Microsoft Dynamics CRM Silver Partner specializing in Dynamics CRM implementation. Our expertise is configuring Dynamics CRM to support and lend structure to your unique business process.