NDA Has Been Lifted

Well the wraps are finally off and Microsoft has lifted the NDA on the Dynamics CRM Online Spring 2015 release. While that is a bit of a mouthful, this Spring release is full of enhancements and functionality that users and partners have been clamoring for. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, started the parade this morning at the Microsoft Convergences event in Atlanta.


Let’s start with the official release from Bob Stutz –


We have been wanting to communicate our excitement for the Spring ’15 release but have been held under the MS NDA. They have enhanced the navigation, added embedded OneNote support, enhanced the Excel integration, and added a few more great embedded apps from some vendors. Social Listening is now called Social Engagement and they greatly enhanced the forms and dashboards.

And I just scratched the surface…

Couple of reminders – this is an Online only release. Microsoft has stated that the release cycles will be kept to 1 cycle a year for on-premise customers and 2 cycles a year for online customers. The on-premise release will generally be presented in the Fall while the online updates will be Spring and Fall.

I am here in Atlanta attending the Microsoft Convergence event – with 12,000 of my closest friends. I won’t have time for deep posts but will try to provide highlights as I can.

Stay tuned!

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By Ken Farmer, President, with xRM3, a Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics CRM consulting, implementation, integration, and administrative services. Based in San Diego County Southern California.